Do you find it challenging to live in gratitude, in the midst of struggle, grief and loss? Discover the lifeline you've been searching for with “A Glimpse of Gratitude” helping to lift the veil of darkness.

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“Life-shifting days can begin with a grateful heart. Gratitude is an opening for a spark of light to shine through.”

– Sky

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What does gratitude look like to you?

Your journey starts here if you're interested in exploring the potential for grace, growth and gratitude amidst the storms of mental disharmony.

Gratitude may be the last item on your thoughts towards finding health and well-being.
And I'll be honest with you.

  • Gratitude is NOT a magic cure for all that ails or burdens you.
  • Even the mere thought of gratitude might seem impossible.
  • It's OK not to feel gratitude, or even want to be grateful.
  • Repressing your feelings, trying to feign gratitude, positivity or happiness can have the opposite effect. It can be downright stressful and/or harmful.

What if I am struggling to even find my breath and mental well-being & balance?

When standing in the shadow of your life, at the edge of ones suffering, you might be struggling to find relief. You might even question the meaning and purpose of the inescapable loss and grief that we as humans experience within our lives.
What is your life's purpose if you can't even begin to find balance?
First of all. Please know that it's ok to feel whatever you are (or are not) feeling.
The bravest most courageous action that you can do for yourself is to lean in to your emotions and feelings. They are your body's way of saying: “Take stock. I have something to express to you, that is bursting to be felt and shared. I’m not going anywhere so please stop, breathe, tune in I want and need you to sit still long enough to listen and experience what's going on. This might be really uncomfortable and painful, and its far easier to suppress or forget your current reality, here and now. But this is important. Please trust that I believe in you. You are strong enough to face this.”

Can you be here now, fully, without distraction? Can you stand bravely in the face of the turmoil that might be arising and sit with all the feels, the turbuleNt emotions bubbling up? Can you allow yourself permission to grieve?

This is not an easy journey. I'm so sorry that you are suffering.

But How can Gratitude help me in my life?

I believe that a glimpse of gratitude is an opening for light to seep in, lifting you up and carrying you above the surface of your life.This aerial perspective allows for a pause of thanksgiving, taking small beautiful moments of action on a life that may feel beyond your control. Breath by breath, one step and intention at a time, this life journey is here to teach us lessons. The gifts of gratitude can help us to approach difficult and challenging situations in a more calming, reflective manner, bringing light, appreciation, thankfulness and meaning to our own experiences.

Your life has infinite potential: Plenty of room for growth, Grace and Love

You are an ever-evolving human with infinite wisdom and potential for love in this world. Let's begin the journey of exploring how gratitude can fit in to your life, right here, right now.

A Glimpse of Gratitude will do.
It's a beginning. An opening to the power of healing and transformation.

We're here to help you.

Ontario, Canada